Brian Bonz and Mike Rizzo are lifelong friends born and raised in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. From a young age they developed a brand of comedy of their own. Growing up in the grunge era, they emulated bands like Nirvana, Deftones, Bjork, and somehow found themselves making Limp Bizkit parody music videos.

Bonz was heckled for looking like one of the Hanson brothers, and Rizzo was elongated and had a weird skateboarding stance. They became obsessed with Brandon Lee and did a shot-for-shot remake of “The Crow” at age 12 (epic VHS footage).

Through Bonz’s extensive music writing and Rizzo’s growing film sensibilities, they started shooting odd ball comedic shorts and making music. Rizzo played drums on Bonz’s album “From Sumi to Japan”. They were known to everybody in their building as “the kids with cameras and guitars”.

They teamed up with Bonz’s brother Mike Strandberg, Rizzo’s brother Jay Liquori and good friend Denny Mui, where together they conceived ideas and produced various sketch videos. After getting a local buzz, they started the film collective Paxen Films and got further notice in the music industry for their absurd video The Chinese Food Song. This was the birth of Bonz and Rizz’s fun PSA videos.

Currently the duo is focusing on their web series, Bobo Touch Helpline, about two Brooklyn dads who run a helpline for odd New Yorkers with strange problems — a hyperreality mythical version of their New York. Additionally Bonz and Rizz are developing new film ideas in the TV and digital space.

Whether it be subway train etiquette, holiday safety messages or something as simple as “don’t forget to put on your deodorant”, Bonz and Rizz are here to help.

It’s like when your Gramps gives you advice – it may be good advice but it’s coming from Grandpa so you basically blow it off. Bonz and Rizz are not your grandpa, so if they say some good shit in a fun way – maybe you’ll listen and your life will be a little better, or longer or funner or whatever. That’s why they do it, to maybe make a difference & have fun doing it!

You can check out the dudes now streaming on Brooklyn on Demand, Troma Now, and their YouTube channel.