always monitoring

It’s really simple. Don’t be a herb. Especially if you’re a sick herb, we have zero tolerance. We make PSA’s that should tell you where we are at!

Play nice The internet is crazy and everyone doesn’t agree, and that’s fine but be construction and not mean, stay on topic and be chill.

Don’t attack others We will block and report you.

No spam A big NO-NO. Links are okay if they’re on topic and relevant, everything else will be deleted and blocked.

Don’t be a dick, positive vibes only This is our happy place, and we are doing this for fun. We want our readers and ourselves to enjoy this experience, especially when we have passionate projects and collaborations with artists that we are spotlighting. Negativity and trolls will be removed.

Always remember Bobo Touch loves you so much. We out here trying to make “a butter world” so keep it “butter” and join us with consideration and friendliness. Listen to some blues music too, that soothes the soul and mind.

Thanks, Bobo.