Rewind That Scene: Episode 23 – The Warriors – Rob Mounsey 
June 5, 2024


Queens native and actor James Lorinz (King of New York, Street Trash, Last Exit to Brooklyn, RoboCop 3) recalls the making of this insane comedy horror classic Frankenhooker (1990). New tales emerge and we also dive into his role as Brett Weir in the Jerky Boys, which always resonated with us big time. We all listened to the Jerky Boys tapes at Sunday dinner. He's also a School of Visual Arts alum! No wonder he's the best.


Big shoutout and love to Jake Bowman for mixing and mastering!

Artwork by EJ Decoske  

Rewind That Scene is a podcast by comedy duo and Brooklyn natives Mike Rizzo and Brian Bonz. They go back in time to dissect their favorite cult classic films and discuss them with the cast and crew members to gain valuable stories and insights on the craft of filmmaking, acting, writing and more. They explore how these cult films impacted the world and pop culture. At the end of every episode they perform a script reread of their favorite scene and maybe even a remix.


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